Looks like Wood, Only better!

Eco Friendly, 100% Recycled Plastic Furniture

About Green Plastic Wood

Green Plastic Wood was founded by Mr Eugene De Waal passion and drive to create green furniture made and produced by 100% recycled plastic from post consumer and “in house” factory plastic waste. Green Plastic Wood created a varied product range not only in the furniture range but in a multitude of different applications, Green Plastic Woods theory was “if it can be made from wood it can be made from recycled plastic".

Our Head Office and factory are located in Heidelberg for easy distribution throughout Southern Africa. Green Plastic Wood manufactures all its products on site enabling us to offer bespoke solutions to our customers' needs as well as a wide range of products.

Green Plastic Wood is not only aware of environmental issues regarding plastic waste but is proud to boast that it is in the forefront to reduce waste to landfill, making plastic waste a useful resource rather than a problem. All products are made from 100% recycled plastic.